Take Time to Feel is a way of being that is rooted in connection and relationship.

The method satisfies many needs that are both practical and soul-nourishing:

It teaches us how to enjoy more satisfying connection with ourselves, one another, and even the world.

It guides us to be more human and feel more deeply.

It cultivates our ability to enter the mystery of void and open ourselves to co-create new possibilities.

At its most profound level, it allows us to explore the nature of being and to experience communion.

Take Time to Feel is experiential. We learn how to meet each other freshly in the present moment, allow ourselves to be moved by each other, and create a space for co-creation, play, and spontaneity to emerge.

While we can experience more than we imagined possible–wholeness, connectedness, trust, an unavowed longing being met, and new life and solutions emerging–Take Time to Feel is not a matter of belief. Each of us enters the process to live our own experience, be moved, and create our own meaning in this moment.

How it works