After getting a taste of Take Time to Feel in a personal meeting, you’re ready to take a workshop to learn the method. Our core workshops are organized around four principles:

Principle #1: Connect with oneself

Connecting with oneself is the foundation for connection with another and the world

Principle #2: Connect with another

Connecting with another is the foundation for intimacy, fresh experience, and co-creation

Principle #3: Practice the art of co-creation

If we dare to let go of control, co-creation emerges out of not knowing and entering the void

Principle #4: Allow our connection with ourselves and another to move us

Taking action and making decisions out of our communion with ourselves and another allows us to co-create our lives, our work, and our relationships as a work of art unlike any other

By completion of our core workshops, you are ready to introduce the method to important people in your life.

Please contact us for scheduled or custom workshops.