Personal Meetings

Personal meetings provide an opportunity to learn Take Time to Feel with an experienced person in a one-on-one setting, to feel ourselves more deeply, and to explore how we connect with one another. Both parties meet as equals and feel what is present with oneself and between each other.

6 Reasons to Book a Personal Meeting

  1. Get a taste of the method.
  2. Get ready for a workshop.
  3. Learn the method in a series of meetings.
  4. Become capable to introduce Take Time to Feel to an important person in your life.
  5. Find a temporary counterpart to co-create an idea or project in its formative phases.
  6. Make an appointment to feel around a particular issue with someone outside your circle.

In-person meetings are always preferred, however, we also meet over video calls, or by phone.

Fee:  60 minutes $115 USD

To book, please contact us.