About Us

In 2014, Kim Acker and Katrin Oberländer stumbled upon an experience and have been co-creating the Take Time to Feel method ever since.


Kim Acker is a student and experiential teacher in the practice of embodied spirituality. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in an oak forest a short distance from the land of tech wizards. In the first two decades of her career, she accompanied business leaders as they discerned how to address the human dimension at work. At Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, she facilitated groups in the Interpersonal Dynamics course, dubbed “Touchy Feely.” Today, she accompanies individuals in the personal and spiritual arena and is primarily interested in the power of “soul friends,” flat, mutual relationships whose purpose is to nurture the inner life or soul. Kim is certified to teach the embodied practice of Focusing and is currently studying to practice hospice chaplaincy.


Katrin Oberländer lives in Cologne, Germany, in the heart of the Cologne carnival. She began her career in academia as a theologian. Later, she edited verbal artifacts and kindly made nonprofits raise more funds. As an antidote to the mental acrobatic, she got into somatic practices. She has delighted in martial arts, Feldenkrais, Gindler work (known in America as Sensory Awareness), Focusing, and core shamanic journeying. Katrin is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, a certified Focusing trainer, and an ordinary storyteller who specializes is Germanic mythology. Currently she entertains herself by consulting with small enterprises. She’s particularly enjoying the business of dementia communities. Katrin aims for autonomy and pleasurable collaboration.

Let’s work together.